1. Starship Downfall

  2. Retrospective

  3. Gedankenexperiment
    Government Alpha

  4. Worth living hunter

  5. Blackout
    Contagious Orgasm + Kotodama

  6. Death Still Persist

  7. Purple light section corners feel different World
    Contagious Orgasm

  8. Ultramarine
    Contagious Orgasm

  9. Water Sanctum
    ODA takumi

  10. Weekdays For Locals

  11. self replicating factory
    contagious orgasm

  12. flow in erodible material
    contagious orgasm

  13. The Third Slaughter
    Blessed Blood Vulva & Guilty C.

  14. Sandglass/砂・時・計
    Noiseconcrete x 3CHI5

  15. 思想のトランジット/ Transit Of Thought
    Noiseconcrete x 3CHI5

  16. Invasion
    contagious orgasm

  17. Cycle Of Rebirth

  18. In Praise Of Shadows
    Eraldo Bernocchi and Shinkiro

  19. Lotus
    Yasuhito Fujinami

  20. Telepherique's Mail-Art Orchestra

  21. Cyouwa
    Telepherique + Contagious Orgasm

  22. Crosses Deeply
    Contagious Orgasm + Telepherique

  23. Dna Loops
    Contagious Orgasm + Zyrtax

  24. Heartstrings
    Contagious Orgasm + Government Alpha

  25. Maschinenfest comp tracks
    contagious orgasm

  26. Giant Fish
    Contagious Orgasm | Instinct Primal

  27. Voltage Controlled Amplifier
    Contagious Orgasm

  28. VA - Corporal Punishment

  29. VA - Mumbo Jumbo

  30. VA - Sociometric Test

  31. Tension And Relaxation
    contagious orgasm

  32. The Music Which Draws Something
    Contagious Orgasm

  33. Stalked Into The Gap Of Heart
    contagious orgasm

  34. Context Wire
    Contagious Orgasm & Guilty Connector

  35. Diazo Aesthetika

  36. live in taipei 2019
    contagious orgasm

  37. Live Sex. Click Here
    Japussy 2000

  38. Come In More To The Inside, And Thrust And Move My Impulse
    Japussy 2000

  39. Expansion Producer
    Japussy 2000


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Japanese label releasing tape and CD of experimental, abstract and
Industrial,/noise artists,

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